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Indoor Parking Waterproofing

A polyurethane membrane is a type of protective coating used in indoor parking lots to help protect the concrete surface from damage caused by exposure to weather, water and chemicals. This type of membrane is typically applied in liquid form and can be sprayed or rolled onto the concrete surface to create a seamless, durable, waterproof barrier.

Polyurethane membranes have several advantages for use in indoor parking lots. They are highly resistant to water and chemical damage, which can help prevent corrosion and other types of structural damage to concrete. They also have good adhesion properties, allowing the membrane to adhere tightly to the concrete surface and create a seamless protective barrier.

In addition to protecting the concrete surface, polyurethane membranes can also help improve the overall safety of the indoor parking area by providing a non-slip surface for vehicles and pedestrians.

Polyurethane membranes can be customized to meet the specific needs of the parking area, including different colors and textures for aesthetic purposes, as well as different levels of thickness and durability for high-traffic areas.

Indoor concrete parking lots, both underground and multi-storey, face many challenges. This is why they must be protected. They are easily damaged by:

Overall, using a polyurethane membrane in an interior parking deck can help protect the structure from damage, improve safety, and extend the life of the concrete surface. It is important to consult a professional roofer to determine the best type of membrane for a specific parking deck and to ensure the installation is done correctly to maximize the benefits of this type of protective coating.

To prevent this damage, the concrete must be protected by a parking membrane or waterproofing membrane. In the case of multi-story parking lots, a waterproofing membrane will serve as an intermediate layer to protect the lower floors from possible damage caused by water.

Whether for a new or existing parking lot, the TransCanada team offers you strong and durable coatings that protect the concrete as a whole.